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my best chocolate cake

My Best Chocolate Cake

This is my final recipe for #Choctoberfest and it’s a really good one! This is My Best Chocolate cake. It’s my most requested cake flavour when people order through MBD Cakes and for a very good reason! The chocolate cake...
chocolate cherry tiffin

Chocolate Cherry Tiffin

This week I’m taking part in #Choctoberfest with over 70 other bloggers! We’ll all be sharing our best chocolate recipes and you will find a list of all today’s recipes at the bottom of this post! This is my first...
pumpkin pie brownies

Pumpkin Pie Brownies

Welcome to day two of Pumpkin week! This recipe for Pumpkin Pie brownies is amazing! Delicious, moist and chocolatey brownies with swirls of pumpkin pie filling running through them. When you bite into these and get a piece of that...