Super Easy White Board

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Today’s DIY is so easy you can have it made in 5 minutes! It is so cute though and a great idea to help keep you organised. Here is my Super Easy White board.

super easy white board


 All you need to make this is a photo frame, decorative paper, pencil, scissors and a whiteboard marker.

super easy white board

First step is to take the glass out of the frame and lay it onto your decorative paper.

super easy white board


Draw around the glass onto your decorative paper.

super easy white board

Then cut this out. Put the glass back into the photo frame and add the piece of decorative paper you cut out into the frame as you would a photo.

super easy white board.

Basically, that’s it! It takes no time at all but it’s a really fun thing to make. I’ve added mine to the shelves in my office area. I try really hard to be an organised person but it doesn’t always work out. Little jobs are always popping into my head and I forget about them or write them down on a scrap of paper and then loose the scrap of paper!! Now I just quickly scribble them onto my white board and can just wipe it clean when I’ve either done the job or written it into my diary. This would be a great way to leave messages to each other in the home too. Sometimes my Husband works late and I’m in bed before he gets in. I can use my super easy white board to leave him a little message letting him know I made a snack for him in the fridge etc.

super easy white board super easy white board super easy white board

You can see a little of my office area in the pictures above. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the few changes I’ve been making in my Insta stories. You can follow me on Insta here. There is still a lot to do until my office/library is finished but I hope to be sharing the progress so far with you soon! Let me know if you make today’s project and what you use it for! I love reading your comments.

Lianne x

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super easy white board




  1. June 28, 2017 / 12:28 pm

    I love how simple it is! You get a beautiful and efficient piece of useful decor. Looks beautiful 🙂 Pinned & sharing

  2. June 28, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    I love this Lianne! It would be great to use to plan your meals for the week!

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