Decorative Wool Balls

Decorative Wool Balls – The September #DIYBlogChallenge

We’re back with our #DIYBlogChallenge after having a little break last month (I was so unorganised I forgot all about it lol) and the theme for September is Wool/Yarn. After a few failed attempts I readjusted my idea and came up with these Decorative Wool Balls.

decorative wool balls

I was browsing around B&M a few weeks back when I found this gorgeous chunky wool in the same colour as my living room. I knew I had this theme coming up for the #DIYBlogChallenge and it was only £1.99 a ball so I stuck it in my trolley.

This gold vase has been on my mantle since we decorated and I knew I wanted to make something to go in it so I had a brainstorm and my first idea was to make twine balls but with the wool instead of twine. I tried this a few different ways but it failed every time. 😀 So these Decorative Wool Balls were my next idea and I think they are really cute! They were so easy to make, all three took me about 15-20 minutes!

Decorative Wool Balls – what materials do you need?

decorative wool balls

You just need 4 things, a ball of wool, tin foil, some glue and sticks from the garden.

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Decorative Wool Balls – how to make them

decorative wool balls

Step one, add a little glue to the end of your stick and then start to wrap the wool around (please ignore my lack of manicure lol).

decorative wool balls decorative wool balls

Then take a piece of tin foil and mould it into a circle around the top of the stick over the end of your wool. This holds the wool in place until the glue dries and is the base of your Decorative Wool Ball. You can add more foil to build up the size of the ball so you use less wool, you want the tin foil ball to be a centimetre or so smaller than the finished size wool ball you’re after.

decorative wool balls decorative wool balls decorative wool balls

Then you just need to start rolling a ball of wool around the foil. Keep going until all the foil is covered then snip off the end of the wool.

decorative wool balls decorative wool balls

Tuck in the end of the wool near the stick and then add a dab of glue to stop it coming unraveled. Make as many as you need to fill your vase and you’re done!

Decorative Wool Balls – the finished project

decorative wool balls decorative wool balls decorative wool balls decorative wool balls decorative wool balls

There are loads of ways you can adapt this project, using different colours or making bigger bunches. A big bunch of multi coloured wool balls would look amazing or how about making black and orange ones for Halloween!! Vicky from Vicky Myers Creations also took part this month so make sure you use the link below to see her project.

Lianne x

decorative wool balls

Vicky Myers Creations

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decorative wool balls

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