DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

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These DIY Christmas Tree Decorations are so easy to make and so versatile to suit all colour schemes. Everything I used came out of my craft supplies. No specialist items needed!

diy christmas tree decorations 1

Let’s start with a list of items you need to make your DIY Christmas tree decorations.

* Thick card (I used card from a cardboard box)

*Sturdy decorative card 

*Wool (whichever colour you want to use)

* Sellotape


*Pencil and ruler

diy christmas tree decorations 2

First step is to draw out your triangle onto the card. You can use whatever measurements you prefer or you can copy mine from the picture above. Then you need to cut it out.

diy christmas tree decorations 3

Next, using your decorative card you need to draw out the shape above. The bottom wants to be 2cm smaller than your main triangle and half the height plus 2cm to make a tab. Cut this out too.

diy christmas tree decorations 4

diy christmas tree decorations 5

Fold over the tab and using the sellotape stick your two shapes together so your ‘tree’ stands like in the pictures above.

diy christmas tree decorations 6

Stick the end of your chosen wool to the triangle tree with sellotape and start to wind the wool around the card. It can be a little tricky around the point!

diy christmas tree decorations 7

Continue wrapping the wool around thick enough so that you can no longer see the card underneath. Work your way down the triangle remembering to lift the flap on the reverse when you get to it.

diy christmas tree decorations 8

Before you get to the end, cut a 3×8 cm piece of your decorative card. Fold a 2 cm tab on each end and stick one side to your tree with sellotape on the very edge like in the picture. Continue to wrap your wool until you get to the bottom edge. Tie off the wool at the back, cut it and tuck the end in.

diy christmas tree decorations 9

Lastly, stick the tab from your card strip to the flap on the back of your tree so it stands!

diy christmas tree decorations 10

Ta Da! Your tree is finished! I’m totally in love with this project. I love that if you do any kind of crafting on a regular basis you are going to have everything you need already. Even if you don’t and have to go shopping the cost per tree is pence not pounds!

diy christmas tree decorations 11

To finish my trees off I folded some origami stars. To make them I used this tutorial from Homemade gifts made easy. I used plain white paper then added a little glitter.

diy christmas tree decorations 12

I made a smaller tree in blue and a larger tree in pink. These are the colours I’ll be using to decorate in my office/library. The best thing about these trees though is that you can make them in any colour you like. 

diy christmas tree decorations 13

I really hope you give these DIY christmas tree decorations a go and let me know what you think in the comments at the bottom of the page. There are also links to share the project to facebook, twitter and pinterest below so if you like the project please share, share, share! 

Lianne x

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  1. Holly says:

    These are so adorable! Plus they don’t look too difficult either — I hate starting a DIY project and realizing mid way through that it’s too hard and not going to come out right, haha!

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